When Sparkling ICE became the official sparkling water of the Seattle Seahawks, I was tasked to come up with 2 new labels for the 2-liter sparkling waters sold in Washington State. The approach was to leverage both brands without compromising one or the other while keeping the design bold, clean, and exciting for the fans (12's). The idea was also to use both color palettes of the Seahawks to help differentiate the flavors. The blue and gray was used for the Natural flavor as it doesn't use any lime-green, but instead uses a light blue which helped communicate a 'natural' flavor. The blue and lime-green color palette was used for the lemon lime flavor as the green color helped communicate the lemon flavor. The look was also extended to include window clings, case cards, ads, and several other POS.

The final step was to ensure the labels came off the press as best as they could (see photos).