Hi i'm dalila—a strategic designer.

Prior to becoming a graphic designer, I wasn't really sure I wanted to become one. I didn't know what it meant to be a designer, but after
going to school for it, I've learned that it's much more than making it about my personal artistic style or even myself. I've also learned that aesthetics are important, but I understand that in order to build strong brands, aesthetics must be combined with a strong strategic foundation. Designing is about finding a real solution to a real problem. It's about working closely and together with clients to find the best possible solution for them.

Graphic design inspires me because it's creative, it has purpose, and
it's fun! For me, it's a perfect balance between art and strategy. I enjoy seeing my designs begin as unrefined ideas in my head and then watching them evolve into tangible items in front of me. These tangible items then become my way of making a difference in the business world as a professional— whether it's a large project or small.

Designing allows me to express my lifelong love of fine arts in a productive and satisfying way. I also enjoy it because it mentally stimulates me and teaches me to solve problems, both personally
and professionally.